Dr. Morghan Olson


Dr. Morghan Olson was born and raised in Springfield, MO where she comes from a large family of eight, with a strong set of values and respect for education and caring for others. She continues to reside near her family with her two-year old daughter, Parker. Dr. Olson’s first love and career was in entertainment, as a dancer and a singer, where she began her professional career at the age of eleven and continued for over fifteen years. She has worked for many of entertainers and shows, such as Andy Williams, Dino, Yakov Smirnoff, and Carnival Cruise Lines among many others. She ended her entertainment career for a desire for higher education.

She attended Springfield Catholic Schools growing up, and continued her college education at Drury University in Springfield, MO. She knew she must continue her education to be able to care for and to be the change that her community needed.

She continued her Chiropractic education in St Louis, Missouri at Logan College of Chiropractic for four years graduating in 2013. Here she received one of the best chiropractic educations available, learning many techniques including, Diversified, Logan Basic, Thompson, Gonstead, and Cox Techniques as well as Physical therapy, Nutrition, Sports Science and Radiology. Her desire for further education is still very strong and never-ending; as she continually grows and learns to be able to give her patients the best Chiropractic and Nutritional care available.