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Dr. Matthew Sams

Dr. Matthew Sams

The summer following graduation was a busy one. He married the love of his life, and now wife of 25 years, Tricia.  He also began his his pre-med studies while working for UPS.
He graduated from Palmer College in 1994.  Soon after, Dr. Sams began practicing in Ankeny, Iowa where they remained for the next 5 years.  During this time he bought Tricia a health food store that she ran with his help and guidance.  In the year 1997 the couple was blessed with the birth of their son, Austin.  Two years later, Dr. Sams decided that he wanted to make a change and move to the Ozarks.  So in 1999, God lead them to the location they currently reside and practice.  The name Healing Arts Center was settled on due to Dr. Sams passion for Nutrition and Natural Healing.  He likes to say, "We are all about helping people to live their lives to the fullest!"
Tricia Sams

Tricia Sams



Austin is very involved in Marching Band and Concert Band.  Music brings him great joy!  He already has his sights set on the future and plans to follow in his father's footsteps and become a Chiropractor.  It appears that he has already began to plan his take over.  Hopefully he will choose to keep Dr. Sams on staff for a little while when that time comes.



Matthew Sams D.C. , F.I.A.C.A was born and raised in Chariton, Iowa.  In 7th grade Dr. Sams made up his mind that he was going to be a Chiropractor.  From this point on it became his passion.  During his senior year of high school, a local Chiropractor and friend took him to visit Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.  He immediately knew that was where he was called to go.

The happy couple of Dr. Matthew Sams and Tricia

Dr. Sams and Tricia Together



Tricia is very involved in the practice as well.  She is the biller, coder, office manager, and assistant when one is needed.  In addition to making sure that Healing Arts Center runs smoothly, she also works for a consulting company out of St. Louis that helps other doctors to develop and grow successful practices.


In 2008 the couple started hosting children from other countries who came here for the school year.  Over the years they have hosted five girls.  Two are from Germany.  One is from Holland, and two are from Kazakhstan.  The couple lovingly refers to these girls as their daughters and love them like they are their own.  Two of the girls are now in America attending College.  While one of their daughters, from Kazakhstan, is attending Medical school.  This is not merely a state-side family either.  They have visited each of the girls in their home countries and spent time with their families as well.  Dr. Sams and Tricia feel truly blessed to have extended family crossing the globe.

The couple does pause from time time to time to enjoy life a little.  In that free time they love to ride motorcycles, travel, and just enjoy great time with the family.  Healing Arts Center is staffed with caring people and providers that are here to help you.  They invite you to join their extended family by coming in to see them, and they leave you with one final message: "We look forward to seeing you soon!"